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G.O. Teams Blog


GO Team Update: Sunday Midnight! Home again! We would all love to tell you about our trip, so please feel free to ask us when you see us! Thank you again for all of your prayers while we were serving! (Joe & Shannon Emery, Floyd Siepmann, Joe & Eion Stuart, Nathan Nymeyer, Kandra Kulla, Christa Abraham)


Today we had the morning off, so Mason and Lauren took us up to the look out on top of the mountain. It was amazing to see the scope of Port au Prince from that view. God certainly created a beautiful country.


The team is currently engrossed in a massive game of Crazy Uno with Lauren while I write this update. You should hear the laughter coming from the table. We do like to play after a hard day's work.


Wait a minute, you guys had snow?!?! Is that what I'm seeing? We did not have snow. We had sun. We are all getting a nice tan. But don't worry, we are also wearing lots of sunscreen.


Today we finished working on the top set of bonding beams (big support beams of solid concrete). That was a lot of shoveling gravel, sand and cement, then mixing them and carrying it in buckets to wherever it was needed. The workers all know us pretty well now, so they just call our name when they want us to try something or help them in a line. We were ahead of schedule so some of the crew started putting mortar on the walls!


The walls are almost finished! We have been working with the same crew so we are getting to know some of the workers better. Kandra and Eion even got named "New Boss" by some of the workers. Michel (With the shovel in photo 2) speaks quite a bit of English, so he helps us communicate and even those that don't speak English are very good at guessing what we are trying to say. It rained while we were working this afternoon, but the clouds are keeping the weather cooler for us. Pray that God would be glorified as we continue working.


GO Team Update: Monday! Our first day of work! Boy did we have a full work crew! Today we got to learn so much about how to build these houses. The Haitian workers are amazing! And very patient with us and our lack of language skills...and building skills! :) It was good to talk with them while we were working and learn a little bit about their lives. Some of us were working with Bosses, and learning how to stack the brick and fill the spaces with mortar. Others were working on tying steel or framing in support beams to be filled with concrete, and there was lots of carrying bricks.

Sunday, Nov 9

Today we went to church with Mason and Lauren Young. We recognized a few songs and heard some new ones. We even tried to sing along! The sermon was on the beattitues. This afternoon we went to see the worksite and met the family we are building for. We are excited to get started tomorrow! The Haitian team has completed the foundations so we get to start on the walls. We also visited some of the houses that previous teams had built and got to see and meet quite a few people in the community.


The GO Team arrived safely in Haiti this morning and met up with Mason and Lauren Young! We have toured the STEP campus and are learning about the projects on campus and throughout the community. Right now, we are all trying to stave off jet lag. Prayers for rest and continued health are appreciated.

God provides for a family

The Haitian workers with Haiti G.O. Team

Giving keys to the widow Nicolas, and the dedication of the house.

Visiting CENV

John is having a great time playing with kids.

Emil getting and giving plenty of hugs.

Wednesday Work

Stu inspecting the support of the concrete beam.

Emil making progress on his communication skills in Creole.

Tuesday Pictures

The house is slowly coming along. Please pray for strength as we deal with 90+ degree weather and what seems like 1200% humidity. It sucks the strength out of our bodies.

More from the weekend

After arriving at STEP in Port au Prince.  G.O. Team Haiti is safe on the ground in Haiti. It was an amazing day filled with many adventures. We saw the hand of God in how he uses the McMartins and Youngs in the community.

First Day of Work

Before the work started.  This is where the family has been living since the Jan 2010 earthquake.

Work began Monday morning.

Observing and Sunday morning

Visiting the project

Yesterday we visited the project site and met Chantel Nicolas, a widow with four kids.  We will be building her house this coming week; she was so excited to see us, she went around giving us hugs and kisses.  Pray for us to be a light as we do this project and that Jesus's love shows through all of us, not only to this family, but also to many neighbors and Haitian workers.

Sunday Early Morning

We had severe thunderstorms and lightning yesterday all day. No Internet so I am sending an update from my phone.  Got to Haiti safely and had a great visit yesterday with McMartins and Young families.  We are greatly impressed in so many ways how our Lord Jesus is using these families and many other ones that we haven't met to share the gospel.  We are heading out to church this morning; will try to connect with you later today.  Please tell our wives Happy Mother's Day from the entire team. 

-- Petr P. Burunov


To GOD be the glory

After we dined together with our hosts one last time, our Haitian guest complimented the cooks for “preparing the meal with all ten fingers,” ie using all your talents to prepare the fine meal.  As we pack our bags and prepare to head home, we are confident that we have worked each day “with all ten fingers,” applying all our skills and talents in His service, and for His people in Haiti.


Ken Proctor


Playtime with the kids

Today (Wed.) at 10:00 the children took recess and we took a break and had some fun. Some of the men were able to meet the children they sponsor and the others just enjoyed playing and interacting with them. Many wanted their pictures taken and wanted to see themselves, others would come up tell us their names and start a conversation as much as you can. Craig took some rubber bands and showed some how to do tricks with them; he left with his supply of rubber bands gone. A great time was had by all.

Work at the school begins

After a good breakfast from Lauren we are off to Merger to work on the wall and see the kids at 7 a.m. We had to load the two trucks and ended leaving at 7:30 which meant we hit rush hour traffic so it took 50min. to get there. What a great sound as we unloaded the trucks with the kids all verbally doing their school work. What a joyful sound to our ears. A lot had been done and the wall was well on it’s way. We pitched in where ever they needed or wanted us. And they used and abused us so we returned ready for showers and rest.


Greetings from Haiti


"Make a joyful noise all ye creatures.  Praise His holy name"  The Haitian congregation in Merger can make a joyful noise.  Even some of the folks outside were singing along.  We were treated to several special numbers, as well as the praise songs and hymns, some of which sounded familiar enough to hum along.  Though we understood very little of what was said, the devotion and praise were manifest.

Travel and arrival

To day we left for Haiti with great support from Glenwood to see us off. These flights are called RED EYE for a reason as we all found out first hand. Arriving in Haiti was exciting, one to be at the end our long trip and to be on the shore where we were sent. Filling out the paperwork, getting through customs, immigrations and finding all 15 checked bags was a blur. Bruce, Mason and Lauren were waiting for us at the end of a long walk next to the old terminal which had cracked windows, pieces missing and was closed. After a heart pumping ride through town we arrived at our destination.

2011 GO Team meet for final prep.

The GO team had a potluck meeting at the Sharpnack’s for final Prayer, Preparation and Packing. We loaded 7+ suitcases with supplies for the children, teachers and staff in Haiti. We will meet Friday the 7that Portland International Airport with flight out at 5:30 pm. and arriving in Haiti at 9:30 Sat. morning. Thank you all for your prayers.

From left to right – Jeff Chandler, Bill Burdick, Ken Proctor, Alan Sharpnack, Craig Krupicka, Brian Ford and Floyd Siepmann.   

Leaving this Friday

Our 2011 GO Team is leaving for Haiti on Friday, October 7.  The main goal is to share the love of Christ with those in Merger by putting a wall on top of this foundation (see picture to the right).  Check the GO Team blog for updates during the trip.