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New Series: Questioning God

Ever question God?  I do.  Sometimes simple, sometimes deeply personal questions.

Are you there?  Are you listening?  Will you bring justice?  Why this...why now?  What next?  Why aren't you doing something?

Everyone questions God...big, significant, deep, life changing questions.  But God doesn't always seem to answer.

Habakkuk looks at the evil of his day and asks, "How long will I cry out for justice...How long will you let evil prosper," and God says, "the righteous will live by faith."

Paul the apostle deals with a lifelong ailment and requests God to remove it; God says, "my grace is sufficient."

After tremendous and horrific suffering, Job asks, "Why Lord," and God says: "Who are you to question me?"

If you're anything like me, these don't seem like answers!

It's almost like something is more important to Him than the answers they seek.  Yet, when God tells Mary she's going to conceive and bear Jesus to the world and she asks, "how can this be," God (through an angel) lays out the plan.  However mysterious Jesus' birth is, the angel directly answers Mary's question and lays out God's plan.

Everyone has questions.  What are yours?  I'm sure you've experienced that God sometimes answers...and sometimes doesn't...what's the deal?

Bring your questions tonight as we launch our Questioning God series at the Calling.