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Discipleship Groups

God has designed the body of Christ to be a network of supportive, life-giving, and Truth-affirming relationships.  As followers of Christ we are both being transformed and assisting in the transformation of others.  Discipleship Groups help people connect for this transformational purpose.  

Groups can be one on one or up to 5 total people.  They gather with person-specific goals and for different lengths of time.  They meet in different places; outside a coffee shop, taking a hike, participating in a common interest or even serving in common passion.  Discipleship Groups do have three things in common: God's Word as the source of Truth, prayer and personal investment.  

So whether you are looking to help disciple another person, or want to grow in a certain area, or just need some mature disicples in your life - Discipleship Groups are a great way to grow in Christ.  If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please click, "I'm Interested" below and fill out a brief questionnaire that will help us to know your heart and desire for growth.  We will contact you with a suggested way to connect with others for the purpose of discipleship.