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Staying Connected

Welcome!  In an effort to encourage one another to remain in the Word and to be in connection with one another, this space will be used to share scripture passages, prayer suggestions, ideas on how to reach out, and available tools and resources.   

On the Staying Connected page we will list scripture passages and questions here on a regular basis.  Join our Women's Ministries Facebook page to interact with others or contact a few friends and get an email group together to discuss them.  If you are not on Facebook and would like to be connected with others on email, please email and put “Email Group” in the subject line.  Make sure to scroll through the information on this page periodically so that you don’t miss anything. 

If you would be interested in getting together over Zoom (a video conferencing app), email and put “Zoom” in the subject line.  This is new to me – but we’ll see what we can do! 

Thanks for your patience and flexibility as we figure out how this method of connection will work!   

Women's Book Club (4/29/20)

Join our online Women's Book Club as we dive into Identity Theft and have weekly discussion on the Women's Ministries Book Club Facebook page.  Order your own book and be ready to start on May 26th.  For all the details, please click here.  We will also be discussing this book every two weeks via Zoom.  For more details, please click here.  You are welcome to participate in both groups.

Precept Bible Study Options (4/7/20)

For almost 20 years, Precept has been a part of Glenwood's Women's Bible Studies.  To encourage and ground our global community in Scripture, the Precept organization is offering a free three-week study, A Study of Hope: Waiting, Not Wishing. Each week of the study includes Scripture and discussion questions designed to help you confront your circumstances with strength, courage, and hope in Christ. If you would like more information or to join the Precept study, please click here.

Another Bible Study Option (3/25/20)

 Over the years, Women's Bible Study has used several of Kelly Minter's studies.  Earlier this month we finished her 2 Corinthians study called All Things New.

Kelly is teaching a six week Bible Study at her home church on Matthew 8 & 9 -- and they have graciously invited anyone to attend via a private Facebook group.  This will include a weekly teaching from Kelly and weekly homework will be provided as a download.

If you would like more information or to join the private Facebook group, please click here.

Introduction to Scripture Passages & Questions  

I don’t know about you, but I like having plans, making plans, sticking to plans.  And life right now is not going according to "my" plan.  But we are not the first to live a life that looks different than what was expected. 

Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at the life of the Apostle Paul and see the ways that he walked in the will of God despite his life circumstances being difficult.  We will be using questions from the Following God Character Series to guide us.  The most recent scripture passages and questions will always be on top. 

Scripture Passages & Questions (3/31/20) 

The passages we looked at last week showed how God used Paul's detour and delay on Malta so that the gospel could be shared with all 275 people on board the ship, and used a snake bite to  reveal God's power to the ship's crew and the people of Malta.  And we saw how Paul leaned into his circumstances and served God where he was -- not waiting until he had reached his destination in Rome.

Read Acts 28:11-31.  

  • What is the focus of this passage?
  • What is emphasized in verses 28, 30-31?
  • As you read these passages, what particularly struck you?

Look at Romans 1:10-17 and 15:26-33

  • Did Paul have his prayers answered?
  • Did he come to Rome in the will of God?

Scripture Passages & Questions (3/24/20) 

Read Acts 27 and 28:1-11 

  • What benefits do you see in this journey marked by incessant detours, delays, and even dangers? 
  • What significance do you see in the report of Acts 27:22-25 
  • As you read these passages, what particularly struck you?