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Merger Students

After starting a church in the slum of Merger de Sibert in 1997, Johny and Rosadite Philippe saw the need for a school in the community where the vast majority of children had never had any formal education. Ecole Mixte Nouvelle Vie (EMNV) began meeting in 2005 in the single room church building, operating under very limited conditions due to the low economic level of the famlies whose children attended. The school quickly grew and began having an impact on the community. 

The school continued to grow, and after three years there were ninety students. In May 2009, Glenwood started the Merger Student Sponsorship Program and all ninety students were sponsored by individuals and families from Glenwood. The school has continued to flourish and currently there are over 400 students attending the school in kindergarten through grade 9. Glenwood sponsors over 200 of those students. 

Glenwood’s objective for the sponsorship program is to help EMNV succeed in its vision of providing the children of Merger solid Christian academic teaching so they would bless their community, country and world for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

Ministry News

Posted: November 28, 2015

Merger Glenwood Partnership

Merger CENV Student - young boy

On November 22, Pastor Paul invited the congregation to continue supporting the school in Merger, Haiti (CENV) by contributing toward the construction of a new kindergarten building.  This new building will provide multiple kindergarten classrooms.  There are now almost 400 students enrolled at CENV; 100 students were enrolled in...

Posted: August 27, 2015


In February of this year, a Glenwood G.O. Team headed to Haiti to help with construction on a building that would house a kindergarten classroom and three offices.   The sun was hot, the work was hard but the...

Posted: October 23, 2014

This is the sixth year that Glenwood has funded a party for the students of CENV in Merger, Haiti.  Each child is given a small gift; in addition there are games and singing. Parents are invited, and everyone receives a hot meal.  If you would like to contribute, make your...