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Johny & Rosadite Philippe

Johny and Rosadite

Johny and Rosadite Philippe are a Haitian couple introduced to Glenwood by missionaries Bruce and Cindy McMartin during the McMartin's time at STEP seminary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Johny and Rosadite founded a church in 1997 in a slum north of Port-au-Prince called Merger de Sibert. As the church grew and the Philippes' became more involved in the community, they recognized the need for a school, as most of the children in Merger had never had any formal education. Johny and Rosadite, along with the Merger church, started Ecole Mixte Nouvelle Vie (EMNV) in 2005 (to learn more about the school see and were involved in the administration of the school for many years. They have now transitioned to other ministries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, including church planting and Vacation Bible Camps for children and youth.