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Sunday Ministry for Kids

Our Sunday schools classes are currently suspended during this stay-at-home interim.

Every Sunday, it is Glenwood's privilege to host Children's Sunday School classes for infants through 5th grade during worship services.  You will find the infant, toddler, 2 year old, and 3-4 year old classrooms on the main floor of the church building (200 level classrooms) and the combined pre-k/kindergarten classes through 5th grade are on the lower floor (100 level classrooms).

If you are new to Glenwood, we recommend you allow for a few extra minutes when you check-in your children.  We request all parents/guardians to both check-in and check-out their children (infant-5th grade) from their classrooms.  When your deliver your infant - 4 year old children (classes on the main floor --200 level classrooms), you will write your child's name on the attendance roster, along with your cell phone number.  The teacher will give you a temporary number to be used as a paging number for each infant - 4 year old child.  Their paging number can be displayed on the pager screen posted on the wall to the left of the Worship Center stage, if it's necessary for the parent to return to the classroom.  New children attending the pre-k through 5th grade classes will also be assigned a temporary number.  The teacher will give the parent/guardian a small laminated card with the corresponding student's number.  Upon picking up the child, the parent will return the laminated number card.

Overview of classes:

  • Nursery classes are for infants and toddlers. Our nursery seeks to provide a safe and secure environment where your child will be cared for while you attend the worship services or classes. The toddler classes present a simple Bible lesson and both the infant and toddler teams pray with and for the children during the hour.
  • Our preschool classes are for 2 year olds through kindergarten and introduce your child to the Bible as God's Word for us, to God who loves us, who is great and mighty and to principles such as showing kindness, sharing, and obeying.
  • Our elementary classes (grades 1-5) encourage Bible memorization and explore the truth of the Bible at a deeper level. We encourage children to think about their personal response to God's love for them and to the principles they are learning.


We use Gospel Light Curriculum for our 2 year old through kindergarten classes. Gospel Light endeavors to provide clear biblical instruction coupled with related hands-on activities to support and reinforce the Bible story. There are 3 basic parts to the Gospel Light curriculum:

  • Play to Learn - This is the Discovery segment of the morning that starts students thinking about the topic of the day through various activities.
  • Listen to Learn - This is the Bible study segment of the morning that guides students to read, study and understand the Bible for themselves.
  • Listen to Learn - This is the Application segment of the morning that encourages students to explore the relationship between the Bible truth they have been studying and their day-to-day experiences.

For our 1st—5th graders, we use Gospel Project for Kids.  The Gospel Project emphasizes the big picture of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation. Each lesson includes pre-story and post-story activities which reinforce the lesson’s “Big Picture Question” and “Main Point” listed in the curriculum. Each lesson makes a “Christ Connection” to show how the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is seen throughout both the Old and New Testaments.