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Partnerships in Haiti

Glenwood global mission vision diagram

The mission of God throughout the Bible is to redeem His people so they might bless the world. That work of redemption and reconciliation happens everywhere, globally and locally.

As we seek to take part in the mission of God, Glenwood’s global outreach strategy is to support those called to serve on a long-term basis (see Long Term Work in Haiti below), to assist the development of national workers and leaders (Connection with Nationals in Haiti below), and to send short-term Global Outreach (G.O.) Teams to resource those national leaders (Short-Term Work in Haiti).

Haiti Relationships

A video overview of Glenwood's partnerships in Haiti
Long-Term Work in Haiti

A family we've partnered with for many years, recently returned from serving in Haiti. We are pursuing ways to continue supporting Nationals in Haiti, both through Short Term teams and other methods.

Connection with Nationals in Haiti
Wadestrant (Wawa) & Josette Jean-Baptiste
The Jean-Baptistes

Bruce and Cindy McMartin introduced Glenwood to Wawa and his wife Josette when both Bruce and Wawa were professors at STEP, an evangelical seminary in Port-au-Prince.  Wawa is now President at STEP and continues to teach and mentor students and lay leaders.  Wawa and STEP have a vision for preparing Haitian leaders to make disciples for Christ and transform their communities for the glory of God.  STEP makes an impact in the community in a number of different ways, including providing access to clean drinking water, training pastors for rural churches and, more recently, building much-needed housing in the areas surrounding the STEP campus.  Glenwood partners with Wawa and STEP through financial support for certain STEP students, G.O. Teams to assist in the house building ministry, and sending other short term partners as needed (for example: in 2015, Glenwood sent young adults to Port-au-Prince to teach English summer courses at the seminary).

To learn more about Wawa's story, please watch his video at the bottom of the page or read more here: The Jean-Baptistes.

Ministry Connections:
  • Wawa serves as President of STEP seminary.
  • Wawa serves on the board of EMNV
  • Wawa connects Glenwood to various service opportunities related to STEP seminary.
  • Wawa directs the school's house-building ministry in the neighborhoods surrounding the school.
  • Wawa has visited and shared at Glenwood many times.  (Listen to his Sept 2014 sermon here)
Johny & Rosadite Philippe
Johny and Rosadite
The Philippes

Johny and Rosadite Philippe were introduced to Glenwood by Bruce and Cindy McMartin during the McMartin's time at STEP seminary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After Johny completed his degree at STEP, the Philippes began their ministry in a town north of Port-au-Prince called Merger de Sibert in 1997. Despite the difficult circumstances, they founded a church in Merger and slowly began to see fruit.

In 2005, Johny and Rosadite started EMNV, a school for the community of Merger.  EMNV functions under very limited and difficult conditions due to the low economic level of those families whose children attend this school. Many parents are not able to pay for their children's schooling. In 2009, Glenwood started the Merger Student Sponsorship Program in which families and individuals selected a child to sponsor and contributed monthly to support the student and school.

Johny has recently transitioned from administration at the school to other ministry opportunities in Haiti, including church planting.

Ministry Connections:
  • Johny & Rosadite founded the church in Merger.
  • Johny & Rosadite founded a school in Merger (EMNV).
  • Johny & Rosadite have visited and shared at Glenwood many times.
CENV students
Students at EMNV

In 2005, Johny and Rosadite Philippe started a school (EMNV) in Merger, a slum outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The school’s purpose is to provide the children of Merger with a Christian education in order to help them develop into self-sufficient, responsible citizens who are disciples of Jesus Christ. Prior to 2005, most of the children in Merger did not attend school. There was no school in Merger, and most families could not afford to send their children to school.

The school grew, and after three years there were 90 students. In May 2009, Glenwood started the Merger Student Sponsorship Program and all 90 children were sponsored by individuals and families from Glenwood. The school has continued to grow and currently there are 250 students attending the school in preschool through ninth grades.  The school also employs a number of staff members from local communities (with many from Merger itself).  Additionally, four of the teachers at EMNV attended and graduated from STEP.

Glenwood’s objective in the sponsorship program is to help EMNV succeed in its vision of providing the children of Merger solid Christian academic teaching so they would bless their community, country and world for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. EMNV stands for Ecole Mixte Neuvelle Vie.  Translated, it means "New Life Mixed School" ('Mixed' because of the different grade levels).

Haitian Perle Coffee
The Perle Foundation - Haitian Perle Coffee

The Perle Foundation was established in 2013. The story began, however, years earlier when the Glenwood Leadership Team, in coordination with those familiar with Haiti's coffee rich coffee history and businesses, recognized an opportunity to provide economic self-sufficiency for Haitian coffee farmers, while furthering God’s kingdom in Haiti and throughout the world.  While on furlough in the U.S. in 2006, Bruce McMartin (a long-term Glenwood mission partner working in Haiti at the time) met with various specialty coffee industry representatives to discuss the viability and challenges of bringing the new product to market. Upon return to Haiti, Bruce shared the vision with Haitian farmers, who embraced the opportunity to develop a sustainable model that would provide a literal economic lifeline to the impoverished area. The farmers embraced the opportunity to develop a sustainable model that would provide an economic help to the impoverished area: providing family-wage jobs and enabling Haitian coffee farmers to break the cycle of extreme poverty through the farming and harvesting of high-quality specialty coffee—Haitian Perle.

The first bags of Haitian Perle were brought into the U.S. in 2009. This interest led to the establishment of The Perle Foundation. The mission of the Perle Foundation is to provide financial, social and spiritual support of individuals and families in Haiti and other economically challenged nations.  Led by Glenwood's David Bufford, The Perle Foundation raises funds for grants and programs that financially support Haitian coffee farmers and nationals, missionaries and seminary students.

Haitian Perle Coffee

Jean Dorlus
Jean Dorlus, 2020

Jean is serving the Lord in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He returned to Haiti in the spring of 2004 after Jean completed graduate studies in missiology at Western Seminary (where he and Senior Pastor Paul Jackson first met). Jean is a member of the consortium initiated by Reach Global to connect American churches and Haitian partners to work together to make a lasting difference in both countries and beyond.

Short-Term Work in Haiti
G.O. Teams
November 2014 G.O. Team in front of a newly completed house

Global Outreach (G.O.) Teams are small, high impact teams that work on tasks in a cross-cultural setting. Typically, they are made up of individuals with particular skills relating to the needed task. Following our vision for Global Outreach, G.O. Teams from Glenwood are sent to support those called to serve on a long term basis by assisting with the development of national workers and leaders.

Since 2010, G.O. Teams have built several houses in the neighborhoods surrounding STEP seminary.  G.O. Teams have also worked in Merger at EMNV on various projects including construction of the wall surrounding the school, the cafeteria building, and the office/kindergarten building.

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