LIFE Group Discussion Questions 2-19-17

Bible Reading: Luke 16:1-13

1.  Why is money such a touchy subject for most people? What do you believe is the most important guiding principle for how you use the money and possessions that God has given you?

2. Read Luke 16:1-9. Why do you think Jesus told this parable? Why do you think that Jesus used such a scoundrel to teach a positive message about how we use our money and possessions?

3. How would you sum up what Jesus is trying to teach his followers in verses 8-9?

4. Read Luke 16:10-13. How do verses 10-13 help us to understand the main point of the parable? What does it say about how we should be managing our money and possessions even if we don’t think we have very much? How does Luke 16:13 clarify many of our questions about how we should manage our money and possessions?

5. What steps do you need to take to see Luke 16:13 become the governing principle in how you use your money and possessions? How can we help each other develop this type of attitude toward God when it comes to our possessions?