LIFE Group Discussion Questions 2-26-17

Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 7:18-29

1. How satisfied are you with the amount of time you spend thanking God for his goodness toward you?

2. Read through David’s prayer in 2 Samuel 7:18-29. What stands out the most to you about this prayer? Why do you think that particular part of the prayer caught your attention?

3. What does the prayer say about:

  • God’s character and works
  • David and his relationship with God
  • God’s people and his attitude toward them

4. What can we learn from this prayer about being thankful and expressing our gratitude to God?

5. How thankful are you for God and his goodness toward you?  What do you think you still need learn about God’s goodness and what it truly means to be thankful? What steps can you take to make this kind of gratitude a natural part of your life?

6. What might a church body look like if it was full of people who were overwhelmed by God’s goodness? How could we move toward becoming that church?