LIFE Group Discussion Questions 3-11-18

Scripture Reading: Revelation 5:1-14

1.    What is at the heart of true worship? What would you say are your greatest motivations to worship?

2.    What stands out to you the most from this week’s sermon? Why?

3.    Read Revelation 4:1-5:5. With Revelation 4 in mind, describe what you think is happening in Revelation 5:1-5.  Why do you think John is weeping so loudly? What is so important about finding someone to open this scroll?  What do the elders say to try and ease his distress in verse 5?

4.    Read Revelation 5:5-14. This is one of the most powerful scenes of worship in the whole Bible. What do we learn about Jesus from these verses?  

Walk through these verses and try to get a feel for the scene being described. What is motivating the worship in these verses? 

How can we learn to worship God (Revelation 4) and the Lamb (Revelation 5) in this way? (Or, what do you think could motivate us to such wholehearted adoration and celebration of the Lord?)