LIFE Group Discussion Questions 4-8-18

Scripture Reading: Psalm 13

1.    What stood out to you the most from this week’s sermon? Why?

2.    Read Psalm 13. What is your first reaction to this psalm? 

3.    Read verses 1-2. Have you ever felt this way? Do you remember any specific instances where you felt like this? How can these verses help someone who feels this way? 

4.    Read verses 3-4. Have you ever prayed prayers like this? Do you remember any specific instances where you made a similar request to God? 

5.    Read verses 5-6. Do these verses seem like they fit in this psalm? Why or why not? What do you learn from seeing such statements of faith in a psalm that is dominated by such desperation? 

6.    As you look at this short, but powerful psalm, what do you think are the main lessons that we should take away from it? Why are you thankful that this psalm is in your Bible?  How can we help each other to make such praying/singing a regular part of our lives?