July 1st Student Ministries Update!


Dear Parents and Students,

We are so grateful for the technology that we have at our disposal to continue meeting each week. It is so encouraging to see the faces of our students and get to interact with them. To continue to make our programs as effective as possible, we have a few updates below:

  1. Wednesday Youth Group:  Middle School will be meeting at 6:00pm, and High School will be meeting at 7:30pm. This start time switch will enable enough time for both groups to connect with their students and ensure a smooth transition period. Here is the information for both meetings:
    1. Middle School

i.Meeting ID: 727-008-640

ii.Password: 888506

                2. High School

i.Meeting ID: 230-074-305

ii.Password: stumin

            We will be opening each meeting approximately 15 minutes before scheduled start time.

  1. There have been questions regarding Zoom meeting security and privacy during our meeting time. We have taken steps to ensure that our meetings are safe and that no unauthorized persons can come in and “Zoom-Bomb” us. This includes not only making our meeting password protected, but it also includes having a waiting room function for us to authorize each individual coming into the meeting. To help us get you into the meeting faster, please change your display name to [First Name] [Last Name], [Grade]. Anyone who is not identified in this manner will not be able to join our meetings. For information on how to switch your display name, refer to this article here. If you have any friends joining you, please let us know by sending either Andrew or Brandon an email. We do not record our meetings to protect the privacy of our students.


  1. A lot has come up in the news about how the Zoom app interacts with your computer and/or phone. If you are concerned about downloading the Zoom app on your phone or computer, there is a way to participate using a browser window. Click here for information on how to use Zoom in a browser. Note that there are limited functions while using Zoom in this way.


We look forward to seeing our students this week!


Brandon Dickson and Andrew Zegan

Directors of HS and MS Ministries

Glenwood Community Church