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Options 360

Options 360 offers a positive alternative to abortion in cases where young women face a pregnancy for which they are not prepared. The centers provide pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counsel, and support, as well as practical help during pregnancy and clothes and supplies for new mothers.


Ministry News

Posted: May 26, 2022
Options360 Baby Bottles

Options 360 is a local ministry partner whose mission is to inform and support moms-to-be in the important decisions of life. Help change lives by donating! Pick up a baby bottle beginning on Sunday, May 22, fill it with your spare change, cash or a check and return it by...

Posted: July 22, 2017
Options360 Baby Bottles

Dear Glenwood:

Thank you for your participation in our Baby Bottle Campaign. Glenwood raised $2,651.24.  That is fantastic!  So far the campaign has raised over $15,000.  We are so excited!  Thank you for helping us raise the much-needed money for our clinics. Summer is usually a very lean time for...

Posted: June 3, 2016

Options 360 Pregnancy Clinics offer a positive alternative to abortion. They provide pregnancy testing, counseling, support, and biblical teaching, as well as practical help (clothes, supplies, etc.) for new mothers facing a pregnancy for which they are not prepared.  Options 360 is looking to restock their "Baby Boutique"...