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Young Adults


The Calling

The Calling is Glenwood's post-high school gathering for ages 18-25. Our community continually gathers throughout the month to worship through music, study the scriptures, and pray for one another. Alongside our worship, we equip young adults in becoming disciples in the way of Jesus. We are apprentices who desire to become more like Christ and multiply in the making of other disciples who will do the same. Our name, "The Calling," leans into the idea that we are people who listen to God and also respond to where he leads us in serving his kingdom. For Ministry updates, follow us on social media @gccthecalling

Discipleship Groups

During this season, we believe that participation in the Kingdom of God through Jesus-led communities will challenge, encourage, and equip one another to become more like Jesus. We believe that smaller groups facilitate deeper, more personal interaction, create an intimate fellowship, promote accountability, and provide a sense of "belonging" in our church body. We desire to curate an environment where all are invited to the table to practice the way of Jesus with all of our heart, soul, and strength.The following "gather and scatter” model shall be the monthly rhythm and strategy for our ministry in this season.

The First Tuesday of the Month: We will have a large gathering with all young adults to worship, pray, and receive teaching. The teaching will be on a spiritual discipline to focus on for the month. We will also take this time to encourage our students in the mission of becoming more like Jesus and helping people transition into our new discipleship groups model. Our gathering will be for one hour. No food will be served, and proper social distancing policies, guidelines, and masks will be strongly enforced. 

2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesdays: (Discipleship Groups): Groups of 5 people will meet throughout the month at a discipleship leader’s house. Participants shall pack a meal and eat together around the table. The groups will follow through with an in depth bible study on what we hear on Sunday Mornings. Young Adults will be encouraged to come prepared to discuss the teaching and study the passage together while discussing the implications it has for their lives. Groups will end with prayer for one another alongside a time of encouragement/reflection on practicing the spiritual discipline. If a group feels led to pray more, study further, or even worship through music, there will be enough flexibility allowed for every group to devote more or less time to the areas in which they choose. 

As Clark county changes re-opening phases, these small groups may expand or increase in size. If you are interested in participating in a discipleship group, please contact us as soon as possible and we will accomodate you. We are looking forward to gathering safley in a whole new way this semester! 

Erik Buchterkirchen