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2010 Haiti GO Team

Glenwood has been involved with work in Haiti for over 25 years. We were eager to send our G.O. Team to Merger de Sibert July 23 through August 1. The six team members were: Alan Sharpnack, Frank Donahue, Mason Young, Steve Faulstick, Floyd Siepmann, and Rob Barnes. Since the January 2010 earthquake, Glenwood had been in contact with Bruce and Cindy McMartin on how to best assist those in need. There were (and still are) several families living in the slum of Merger near Port-au-Prince who need homes built or rebuilt. The G.O. Team had the privilege of building three homes for four families. Between these four families, there were 9 children who attended CENV, the school administered by Johny and Rosadite Philippe. Glenwood has partnered with the Philippes and CENV through the Haiti Student Sponsorship Program.

Along with providing shelter and ministering to families in Merger, the G.O. Team assessed future needs and opportunities for Glenwood's involvement, both with the school, and the seminary project with Jean Dorlus. Funding for the building is coming from the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund which was put together with donations from the body. The individual G.O. Team members paid or fundraised for their own airfare and room/board. The team took some tools and supplies, the computers for Haitians that Glenwood purchased Fall 2009, and new summer shirts for kids at the school.

A summary video of the team's time in Haiti was played in services on September 26, 2010.