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2011 Haiti GO Team

From left to right - Jeff Chandler, Bill Burdick, Ken Proctor, Alan Sharpnack, Craig Krupicka, Brian Ford and Floyd Siepmann.

Glenwood’s outreach strategy is to be involved in sending those called to serve on a long term basis, to assist the development of national missionaries and leaders and to send short term Global Outreach (GO) Teams to these areas. Glenwood has been involved in Haiti for many years and is eager to support ministry in any number of ways.

The Team's Goal

To sustain the long term success of CENV, permanent buildings for classrooms and the meal program are needed. Johny and Rosadite would like to build four new cinder block buildings for classrooms and a building that would be a place to store, prepare and serve the food to the children. This food building would include two rooms to serve as a house for the woman who is in charge of the meal program. She has two children and is currently living in a tent.

For security, it is first necessary to build a wall around the property. Bruce McMartin said that in Haitian culture, if you don’t have a wall, it is like saying, "Whatever we have here, we don't really value it." That's where the GO Team comes in.

These seven men will assist in the building of this wall. Locals have set the wall's foundation and put things in place for the wall to be built. Please check the GO Teams blog for team updates from Haiti. The dates of the trip are October 7th to the 16th.