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Sponsor Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to support the ministry in Haiti by sponsoring a student at the school in Merger. Your contributions help provide not only an education but food and clothing for each student and the opportunity for them to hear the Gospel. We appreciate your generosity and we commit to financial integrity. Your financial contribution is dispensed with the same care and responsibility as with other offerings taken at Glenwood Community Church. Please note that Glenwood does not charge administrative costs; all monies are directed to the designated request.

What is the financial commitment of the sponsorship?

The financial commitment to sponsor a child is $360.00 a year and can be paid monthly ($30), quarterly ($90), or annually. This provides tuition, books, uniforms and one hot meal per day for the children and teachers. Your sponsorship begins when your first contribution is received.

To whom do I write a check?

Contributions should be made to Glenwood Community Church. Please attach a note with the MSP number of your student. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is also an option. If you would like to contribute using EFT, please pick up an authorization form in the church office.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Your sponsorship is ongoing until your student graduates or you notify us that you no longer wish to participate. We understand that circumstances change and ask that if you are no longer able to sponsor, for any reason, you let the office know as soon as possible.

How do I give above and beyond my sponsorship?

You can contribute financially in many ways to the ministry in Haiti.  Please designate which account you are giving to on a note with your check:

  • Buildings (for the school).
  • Merger Christmas Party (this will be sent in September each year).
  • Merger Teachers (this will be used if an urgent need of one of the teachers is brought to our attention).

How do I discover the status of my account?

For an account status, please call the church office at any time and we will respond promptly. Also, we will send out an individual and confidential receipt quarterly to each member of the sponsorship program.