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EMNV’s Vision

That all the children of EMNV will become well educated citizens, prepared to function effectively in modern life and to be actively involved in their community.

EMNV’s Mission

  • To introduce the children to knowledge and learning so that their natural abilities will develop and necessary changes will be made in their way of thinking and in their habits.
  • To provide the children solid Christian academic teaching in order to help develop them into self-sufficient, responsible citizens who are disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • To help children without means to receive education free of charge.
  • To help train the children to be tomorrow’s leaders in a desperate society that desires social changes.

EMNV functions under very limited and not totally satisfactory conditions due to the low economic level of those families whose children attend this school. Many parents are not able to pay for their children’s schooling. As a result, EMNV must depend on outside help in order for the school to function. Their needs include funds for school materials, school equipment (benches, tables, chalk boards), uniforms for students, meals for students and teachers and for salaries for teachers. Each child from Merger that is helped and supported is most likely one less that will end up on the streets and in a life of crime.

The objective of the Merger Student Sponsorship Program at Glenwood is to help EMNV fulfill its vision and mission.