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G.O. Teams

Global Outreach (G.O.) Teams are small, high impact teams that work on tasks in a cross-cultural setting. Typically, they are made up of individuals with particular skills relating to the needed task. Following our vision for Global Outreach, G.O. teams from Glenwood are sent to support those called to serve on a long term basis by assisting with the development of national workers and leaders. In past years, teams have been sent to Sudan, Slovenia, and Haiti.

Since July 2010, we have sent numerous teams to Haiti to minister in a number of areas, including assisting in the building of houses in Port-au-Prince, assisting in the building of classrooms and offices on the EMNV campus in Merger, fixing existing homes in Merger and assisting with the construction and finishing of a new building on the STEP campus. Along with working while we are in the country, it is also our desire to interact and connect with the people who live in the communities surrounding the job sites. 

In 2018 and 2019, a team of young adults went to Slovenia to assist in putting on an English camp for students, working alongside Johnny & Brooke Stevens. 




Ministry News

Posted: October 8, 2016
Hanging doors last day

The team finished up the last of the doors on their last full day in Haiti and spent the evening in fellowship at Mason and Lauren Young's house. They leave extra early for the airport in Port-au-Prince Saturday morning in the event of delays due to Hurrican Matthew.


Posted: October 6, 2016
Construction site from outside the fence.  Man sitting at base of fence.

By the end of the day the Haitian workers made a good start on the 3rd story while the G.O. team worked on the 1st floor and the basement. Much progress was made on interior doors and trim. Last night we saw the moon and a few stars, and the...

Posted: October 6, 2016
The team has lunch with Wawa

The work continued on Day 5.  A highlight was the team getting to have lunch with STEP's president, Wawa Jean-Baptiste.