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The mission of God throughout the Bible is to redeem His people so they might bless the world. That work of redemption and reconciliation happens everywhere, locally and globally. Mission is not simply a Christian traveling to a different country to preach to a different group of people. Mission is the work of God in our homes and neighborhoods, Clark County, our country, and the world.

As we seek to take part in the mission of God, our local ministries are focused on fulfilling our purpose as a church body: To glorify God by challenging, encouraging, and equipping people to become like Jesus in every vital relationship by loving God, loving others, and influencing others to love God. Similarly, our local ministries seek to embody our core values: biblical truth, transformational teaching, authentic worship, enriching fellowship, life-changing outreach, shared service and spiritually nourished children.

In our community outreaches, we strive to partner with certain families and organizations that likewise seek to further the work of God in Clark County and the greater Portland metro area.