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Bible Reading

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

  • The M'Cheyne Plan is a journey through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year. To see the passages for each day combined in one page, see the M'Cheyne Plan on
  • To print out the plan for the whole year, click here or use the first PDF listed below.
  • Be sure to check out D.A. Carson's free daily devotional For the Love of God related to each day's passages. For another great daily devotional, see Our Daily Bread.
  • The Gospel Coalition has a read through newsletter you can subscribe to.

Bible Project Reading Plan

  • A plan for 2020 is also available through The Bible Project, a non-profit in Portland, OR that is producing excellent videos about books of the Bible as well as biblical themes. 
  • Their plan (complete with videos at certain points) is available here.

One Year Bible Read Through Plan

  • To use a plan that takes the reader through the Old and New Testaments only once, click here or use the second PDF listed below.