Glenwood Community Church

Reach - Seminar One

Sunday, October 14 -
6:00PM to 7:45PM
Worship Center

A parenting seminar, not just for parents.

Israel, the priest of the nations, was first chosen of God.
King David, the shepherd of Israel, first watched the sheep.
Jesus the Good Shepherd was also the Lamb.

To disciple others, you must first be a disciple.
To be a parent, you must first be a child.

By faith, you have been drawn into a family, over whom God is the Father. He is good, faithful and true.  The foundation for raising your family, for impacting others in the name of Jesus, is found first by responding in trust to our loving Heavenly Father.

How does He love?  How does He lead?  How does He show Himself worthy of trust?  And how does trusting our Heavenly Father impact the ways we father and mother and influence those God has entrusted to us?

Join us for an evening of biblical perspective, discussion, and dessert.  See you on the 14th!

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Stager at the “Email Contact Form” link above or at 360.571.3300. 

Due to the high volume of sign ups, we have had to close registration for the Reach seminar.  To be placed on the waiting list for this Sunday's seminar, please click here.