Glenwood Community Church

Adult Equipping - Fall 2021

We are offering two classes this Fall.  Both classes will meet inside in Room 302.  Bring your Bibles and a pen for taking notes.  For a fuller description of each class, see below: 

Why the Bible is Trustworthy, Unique and Enough - How confidence in Scripture’s integrity helps us to grow closer to God Himself

Knowing God deeply is related to our confidence in the integrity of the Scriptures.  In this class we will learn that the Bible is trustworthy, unique and enough so that we approach it personally, humbly and attentively.  We will address questions like: Who is the author of Scripture: God or men?  Does the Bible have errors?  How did we get the Bible?  Can I expect to understand the Bible?  Is the Bible enough? 

  • Starting Sunday, September 12th, 9am (ends Sunday, November 14th).
  • Teachers: Ben Cunningham, David Bufford, Matthew Jensen, Erik Buchterkirchen


The Exodus: From Slavery to Freedom - A look at the theme of exodus in the grand narrative of Scripture 

Exodus is more than a book of the Bible and it runs through the whole Scriptures.  This class will look at the Exodus event and also how exodus echoes through the Bible's storyline all the way to Jesus himself.  Come and appreciate God's masterful salvation by looking at this theme.  

  • Starting Sunday, September 19th, 10:30am (goes into December).
  • Teacher: Wayne Cochran