Glenwood Community Church

Charles Hunt to West Africa

On June 10th, Charles Hunt is leading a CRU team on a trip to Ghana for 2 weeks. The team of nine people will be traveling to Northern Ghana, Wulensi District. They will be ministering to the most unreached people group in Ghana, the Nanumbas. Their language is primarily Dagbani, but a few speak Hausa and English. Our ministry will involve training leaders how to use the Jesus Film Project App for evangelism and practice, going into high schools and doing topical talks to students in the high school classrooms, going house to house in the communities and inviting people to come to the Jesus Film showing (in their native language) at night. We will do follow-up events for the new believers. Most of the population there are Muslim, but a few of the villages are rooted in idol worship.  Most people there are peasant farmers and petty traders. There are about 119 villages, small settlements of 200 to 1000 people.

The team will be away until June 23; please pray for them.  Charles shared these prayer requests:

  • Please remember our team in prayer as we reach out to souls who have never heard about Jesus or know very little about Jesus.
  • We will be in a fairly remote area, so pray that the team will stay healthy. It will be hot and humid there.
  • It is the rainy season, so pray that we will have good opportunities to show the Jesus Film at night without rain. Your prayers are extremely important.