Glenwood Community Church

Exciting News from Doro, Part 1

Originally received 11/13/12 from Rob and Nancy Congdon

Dear family and friends,

Yesterday with tears we welcomed seven travel-weary Ethiopian Christians at the airstrip, as they set foot on Doro soil.  Their team leader Sebsibe preceded them last week, and what a delight!  After his arrival, Nancy walked with him to meet Pastor Abraham, leader of the Uduk refugee churches and the man with his finger on the spiritual pulse of the refugee camp as a whole.  Here’s what transpired:  “As we approached the small UN tent tucked in among several others, where Pastor Abraham and his family live, he rose to greet us.  I introduced them to one another.  For about fifteen seconds there was a unique exchange that went like this: “Abraham?... Sebsibe?... Abraham!  Sebsibe!.... How are you?!  How are you?!!   Sebsibe!!  Abraham!!!”  That was followed by exclamations of recognition, embracing, and more exclamations!”  Thirteen years ago when war drove the Uduk people to Ethiopian camps, Abraham traveled to study the Scriptures at an Ethiopian Bible School.  Sebsibe had been Pastor Abraham’s teacher!  We were amazed and joyful, reminded that God has already gone ahead and is clearing the path for these DEO evangelists, to make it a highway.

A few days later, Sebsibe and Pastor Abraham went to the Mayak part of the camp to find translators for the team.  Before the day was over, two men in one village, and two ladies in another listened intently to the Word of Truth, and joyfully committed their lives to Christ.  One woman said that her husband had been attending the Mayak fellowship (of about 6 believers), but that Satan had entered her heart and kept her from attending.  By the end of the conversation, she also trusted in the Lord Jesus.  Sebsibe said the joy in that village was palpable!  The Spirit of God is moving and the team was yet to arrive.  “This is their time!”  What blessings does the Lord have in store?!  We eagerly watch and pray.

At times in recent months we felt like kids on the pond, pole in hand, struggling to push out from the shore.  Now we are gripping the gunwales as we careen along in the current of what God is doing here!  What a thrill to be a part of this wonderful moment.  And so many of you are taking part in this.  Thank you for your giving, and encouraging, and praying.

The team from Sutherlin has worked tirelessly.  The prefab duplex is complete, with solar lights in place.  The DEO team slept well last night, and before sunrise this morning they were awake.  This was a day of orientation; of thrilling stories of God’s preparation through suffering and long years of service in remote corners of Ethiopia; of joyful anticipation of the events yet to unfold here in Doro.  Nancy spent the morning with them, prayed with them, and left them to carry on with planning and preparation.  This afternoon they met with a large group of translators, and came to our Tuesday evening prayer fellowship a few hours ago full of praise, with grateful hearts to be given this task.

I cannot adequately describe our worship out under the brilliant stars of the African night, a fellowship which began in English, veered slightly into a Scottish brogue, then careened off into Swahili and finally Amharic.  The earnest prayer, and the singing in that beautiful language, seemed more than we could bear.  Then the Ethiopian believers were on their feet, dancing with joyful songs of praise as we gathered around, celebrating the majesty of the Lord and the wonder of His works.  We committed them to the Lord, praying that the Holy Spirit would move over this Doro camp even tonight to prepare the hearts of those who are hungering and thirsting for the living God.

Keep praying.  We’ll let you know how events unfold in the days ahead.  In Christ,  Rob and Nancy