Haiti G.O. Team 2016 Day 5

From the team:

When I wasn't helping work on the house, I got to spend time with Jeff, Jona, Wawa, Johnny, and Rosadite hearing about the ministries they are invested in. It is so encouraging and exciting to hear how God is working through STEP and the school in Merger! -Nathan

David and Jessica met with Dimanche, one of the Haitian who manages the coffee business. They had good a discussion about the coffee business and were able to prepare for the next year. In the afternoon they joined the team at the work site and we're able to connect with some of the Haitians in the community. -David & Jessica

I worked on the house today and sharing stories about our family. Many of Haitians couldn't understand how Kenny was my son so with that said I showed them a picture of our family and it made all clear. Great conversation and seeing God's work being done. Thank you all for your continued prayers. -Brian

Michelle and Nate traveled to Merger today with Johny and Rosadite. They took us all over and showed us their various ministries, it was a great time to see what the Lord is doing through many faithful servants. We also had a fun morning talking with children while they showed us their homes, laughing with them and trying to connect with them is a huge blessing.  Afternoon with David and Phyllis Smid which was wonderful and refreshing to hear about their forty-year career. -Michelle & Nate

I was able to be at the job site again today. There were a few STEP students there who spoke English and it was great getting to talk with them about their lives. I also really enjoyed learning new Creole words from them. Towards the end of our work day I enjoyed some time sitting with some of the women and children in community and playing hand games with the children to Haitian songs. It is wonderful seeing the community and getting moments to connect with some. -Brenna