Haiti G.O. Team Feb 2017 Day 5


Thank you all for your prayers! 

Today we took a break from working on the house to travel to the school in Merger. Every face we saw was encouraging and we loved seeing every one of them! Team members were able to meet their sponsored kids. They were all so happy to see each other. 

The older kids were a bit hesitant to interact with us, but nearly every single kindergartener was looking, touching and tugging at everyone on the team. If anyone on the team was hesitant to interact with the older kids, the kindergarteners changed that instantly. They are beautiful children made in God's image. 

In the afternoon, we went into the community to see the progress made on the house. It is coming along very nicely!

The girls on the team began playing games and singing songs with the young children in the area. Everyone had so much fun. The young children even asked the men on the team, directly, to play and sing with them. Even more fun and laughter was had, so much so that some of the older Haitians started recording us and the kids with their phones!

Dinner was amazing as always. Today was a good day. 

Until next time, God bless!

team walking