Haiti G.O. Team Feb 2017 Day 7


The house was finished today. It went surprisingly quick and looks great! 

Wawa and some others from STEP performed the 'Key Ceremony' for the family. There was a toast, some memorable and sweet words were said, and all the girls were crying. It was truly amazing to watch. This family had no hope of ever building a real house. They spend all they have to feed and educate their 5 daughters. This house, small and cramped by our standards, is a monument to the way God provides for His children. 

The ceremony was beautiful and, for the team, it seems that this is the end. We won't be working in the community every day, interacting with the locals. However, this is not the end, it is only the beginning. We will leave Haiti on Sunday. Some of us may never come back, but the experiences we have had, the connections we have made, and the time we have spent building this house are life changing to us and those around us. This is only the beginning because God is and has been working through Wawa and STEP to serve the community in a way that speaks volumes and opens doors. God is good. 

This is not the end of our stay here. We still covet your continued prayers as we spend our remaining days in fellowship with Mason, Lauren and the Haitians on the STEP campus. 

Johnny and Rosadite came over after dinner. Johnny shared about Merger and his ministry with Wawa and STEP. He had some prayer requests:

  • Rosadite recently had a surgery that has been causing her a lot of pain. The doctors have been working toward getting her the appropriate medication, but it is a long process.
  • For the staff and teachers, they need to be 100% on board with the vision for the children to become disciples of Christ.
  • For Joel, the new director at Merger.  

Thank you for your prayers!


The Haiti G.O. Team

Key ceremony - praying

prepping for the roof

The roof is on

The house is finished