Haiti G.O. Team, Feb 2018 - Day 2

sam and kids at church

After a good night's sleep, we got up early on Sunday morning for the church service in Merger. They were finishing Sunday school when we went in and cleared two rows of seats for our team. We were welcomed by Pastor Samuel, who invited Brandon to come up and say a few words to the congregation. Brandon expressed our excitement and thankfulness for being there, and our host interpreted. The 3-hour service was full of loud singing and passionate prayers. Johnny preached from Psalm 34, but since we couldn't understand Haitian Creole, we relied on the Holy Spirit to speak to us as we read in our own Bibles. After the service, the Fords and the Brackens were able to meet their sponsored students face to face.

After leaving Merger, we drove back into the city and up the mountain to the Observatory Restaurant, where we enjoyed a spectacular view of Haiti! The food was equally good, and after our meal we checked out the local artisans booths. We each found something to bring home, feeling pleased with our bartering skills.

We headed back to our hosts' house for a chilli dinner/super bowl party. Only a few of us stayed up till the end of the game, but we all enjoyed watching it!  

We were all encouraged by the day's events and ended our first full day in Haiti with grateful expectation.

Haiti GO Team 2018