Haiti G.O. Team, Feb 2018 - Update 3

team playing soccer with the kids in merger

Serving in Merger

Monday thru Wednesday the team drove through congested traffic to serve in the community of Merger. We split into 2 teams: one team working alongside Haitians replacing roofs; the other team playing games and doing activities with children.

Team #1 consisted of 2 guys (+4 Haitians) on the roof nailing in wooden rafters and currogated tin sheets; and 2 guys (+1 Haitian) on the ground moving beams and tin to the men on the roof and making sure they had enough water. The Haitian bosses, volunteers from Merger, and our guys all worked really well together!

Team #2 led crafts with 30-40 children ranging from 2 years old to 12 inside the church. The children loved their colorful reminders of God's great love, and they especially loved the mini Polaroids of themselves and us.

While our team was in Merger, Pastor Samuel sent out a group from the church to share the gospel with neighbors in the community. It was so encouraging to know that we were all working together for the common purpose of making Christ known. Pastor Samuel expressed his appreciation for our help in reaching out to the community in such tangible ways. His thanks extends to the entire congregation of Glenwood.

It was a little sad to say goodbye to the people and children of Merger, but our hearts are full because of the friendships made. Tomorrow we begin another project in the community next to STEP. We look forward to working all together and creating more friendships.


Old roof
Old Roof

New roof
New Roof :)