Glenwood Community Church

Hunts - Sao Tome and Principe

Dear Glenwood Community Church,

Debbie and I, for several months now, have been recruiting, planning, and preparing for our next mission trip. On October 5th I will be leading a team of 7 people from the body of Christ to the country of Sao Tome and Principe.  Sao Tome and Principe are African Islands off the northern coast of the country of Gabon, West Africa.

Our team will be delivering Jesus Film equipment (2 film showing sets, 22 tablets, 2 DVD duplicators, and 60 AudioBibles) to leaders in Sao Tome. The team and the leaders there will be trained how to use the equipment, how to do a Jesus Film Ministry, how to use the Jesus Film and God Tools Apps installed on the delivered tablets, and how to do short film evangelism.  I will have another Jesus Film staff person with me to assist with the training.  We will go into a nearby community and practice after the training.  The trained leaders are always surprised by the fruit (new believers) that happen immediately.  After this, our team and those we have trained, are scheduled to visit people in their homes and schools to engage in connecting conversations, show them short films, share our testimonies, share the gospel, and invite them to come to the Jesus Film showing at night in their native Portuguese language.  Follow up will occur for those who trust in Christ and/or want to know more about Jesus.  These events will occur over a two week period.  Some of the team members will be speaking in churches on Sunday. 

This is our first visit to this country, so the goal is, with God's help always, to equip, train, and plant seeds of the gospel in people's hearts and, as God raises up those who surrender their lives to Him, start a spiritual movement in this country through the 'multiplying disciples' efforts of faithful churches.  The country has a population of about 200,000 people.

Would Glenwood Community Church, the body of believers sending me, please remember our team in prayer as we prepare to go, and pray for us while we are there from October 5-19, 2018?  Pray for the team health, unity, and safety. Pray for God to go before us, prepare us, and prepare the way.  Pray for the leaders who will be receiving our team and arranging ministry activities there with the churches.  Pray against any interference from the enemy who seeks to stop what we are doing.  

I look forward to sharing a report of what God accomplished in Sao Tome and Principe after I return home October 19th.  

I thank God for all Glenwood is doing for the Kingdom of God in the Vancouver, Washington area and around the world.


Charles Hunt