Jean Dorlus update

Jean Dorlus is one of Glenwood's global outreach partners in Haiti. We are grateful for his health and recovery.

”I would probably die within a year or so,” Dorlus said. ”I was actually making arrangements to die...”

Things looked bleak, but then Dorlus told his troubles to a friend, who told the story to another friend who happened to be working as a missionary in Haiti from Calvary Church in St. Peters, Missouri.

”It is quite amazing how God brought everything together,” said Pastor Curt Neff.

When a member of Calvary church told the story to Mercy, the heart hospital offered to treat Dorlus for free.

Two days after arriving in St. Louis in January, he had a quadruple bypass.

”He really had absolutely horrible coronary disease and not very good heart function,” said Dr. Ronald Cossman, the Mercy Cardiothoracic Surgeon who performed the bypass.

”I would expect him to do quite well,” Cossman said.

From: Generosity of local missionary group, Mercy hospital saves Haitian man’s life