Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is an annual ministry in which Glenwood Community Church has participated for many years. As a ministry of Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child is simple in premise: by providing a shoebox filled with both practical and playful gifts to a child in need, a doorway is opened for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared.

Item and Cost Changes for 2017:

Starting this year the following items have been added to the “do not include” list: Candy and Toothpaste. Over the years, these items have been a problem for OCC at the port of entrance to the receiving country. Samaritan’s Purse is asking donors to avoid packing them in the shoebox.
Shipping costs have increased, so please add $9 to your box instead of the $7 as in past years. The cost of the Gospel booklet and training of teachers is now included in the $9.

Dates for 2017:

Boxes will be made available in the foyer on Sundays, October 15th and 22nd.
Packed boxes will be collected on Sundays, October 29, November 5th and 12th.