Glenwood Community Church

Promotion Sunday is September 20, 2015!

September 18 Update: All classes will be open this Sunday (September 20th); however, there are several classes with incomplete teams that are temporaily being staffed by subs. Please contact us if you would like to join a team.

Dear Parents,

Promotion Sunday is when your 2 year old — 5th grader is promoted to his new classroom.  

If your 2 year old — 5th grader celebrated his birthday on or before August 31st of this year, he will begin his new class on September 20th.  If you would like your child to remain in his previous grade, please contact the CM office (571-3300) before the 20th so we can be sure to have your child’s name on the right classroom roster.

The following overview will guide you to your child’s new classroom:

If your child turned:

  • 2 before August 31st, he will move to the 2 year old classroom.
  • 3 before August 31st, he will move into the 3 & 4 year old classroom.
  • 4 before August 31st, he will move into the pre-k classroom.
  • 5 before August 31st and is enrolled in a kindergarten class, he will move to the kindergarten classroom.


For all classrooms for infants through 5th grade, see the table below.


We hope that all our classes will be well staffed by that date.  If you would like to serve on a Children’s Ministry team, give us a call at the CM office, 571-3300.

Looking forward to the new teaching year!


United in spirit, intent on one purpose (Phil 2:2),

Nancy Jackson

Direction of Children’s Ministries