Service Times Shift

As Pastor Paul shared on Sunday, June 21, Glenwood is moving from three to two Sunday services beginning July 5th in order to consolidate and strengthen ministry resources. The new service times are 9:00 and 10:45am. During this shift, the church leadership will evaluate service time options for the fall and beyond.

How does this impact Children's Ministries Sunday school classes?

The 9:30am classes will move to the 9:00am service time, and the 11:00 classes will move to 10:45am.  There are no classes at the 8:00am service time, so Children's Ministries is unaffected there.

How does this impact Middle School and High School Ministries Sunday school classes?

The Middle and High School classes on Sundays were already moving to one service for the remainder of the summer.  The 9:30am classes will move to the 9:00am service time.

Is this related to the upcoming road construction on NE 119th Street?

The decision to shift service times was made independently of the road construction and was for the purpose of consolidating ministry resources and to help evaluate future service times.

Available below is the audio of Pastor Paul explaining the rationale behind the upcoming service times shift.