South Sudan G.O. Team Update

The team has finished up work in Doro, South Sudan and are currently in Kenya.  They soon begin the long journey home through multiple airports and so many time zones!  The weather was VERY hot (often over 120 degrees F), but with perseverance, the team made it through.  Please pray for the team's safe return. [UPDATE 6/27: The team made it home safely last night!]

Jim, Tim, Brian and Ken worked on two buildings, a sleeping dorm and a much-need kitchen, in the Nutrition Village in Doro.  This is a place where locals come for treatment and nourishment.  With the Lord's blessing, they were able to finish the kitchen and get the roof up over the sleeping dorm.  From Ken: "We all thank God for this opportunity and the blessedness of a job well done."

The sleeping dorm in the Nurition Village.  Here, the veranda slabs have been poured, and the roof supports are coming along nicely.  Brian is in the foreground.

Ken working hard!

The roof is on the sleeping dorm in the Nutrition Village!

The finished kitchen for the inpatients at the Nutrition Village!  From Ken earlier this week: "We had a great day here in Doro. The two buildings we came to roof are now completed. The tin is on the trusses, and we even had a morning rain to test for leaks, of which there were none! :)"

The finished kitchen with Jim and Ken.