Thanksgiving Celebration Choir

We invite all 3rd grade through college-aged students to participate in our Thanksgiving Celebration Choir!

On Sunday, November 18 at 6:00pm, Glenwood will be having our Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving. We look forward to kicking off the evening with this celebratory song with “May The People Praise You” by Keith and Kristyn Getty: 

Our artistic "Wisdom in the Wild" leadership trio will lead:  Cindy Kuypers will direct the song; Kathryn Fitzgerald will direct the reading of Psalm 67; and Annie Knoedler, assisted by Alexa Kehler will direct the choreography.  

To prepare for our Thanksgiving Celebration Service, there will be two practices: Sunday, November 11th, 10:30am-12:15pm in room 305 and Sunday, November 18th, 4:00pm in room 305.

If any 3rd through college-aged students are interested in participating in this youth choir, please fill out the form below.

(if different from Parent/Guardian Contact Info)
(if different from Parent/Guardian Contact Info)