Glenwood Community Church

Why Theology Matters Is Online

The audio and notes from Dr. Ryan Lister's seminar Why Theology Matters is now available online. The audio has been broken up into five parts, two from Day 1 and three from Day 2. Take a listen!

Seminar description:

Bring up the word “theology” and watch the fireworks begin!  Some Christians get excited, some get angry, and others simply start heading for the door.  In this class, Dr. Lister will show us that we do not have to fear theology.  Rather, when we understand what it really is and what it does we actually see that it helps us love God, read our Bibles better, gain a clearer perspective of our world, and be more effective Christians. Theology is not just an academic discipline or another problem people see with Christianity.  As we will discover, theology is a critical part of what it means to be a disciple of the risen Savior.