Glenwood Community Church

The Gospel According to the Prophets

Sunday, January 21, 2024 to Sunday, March 24, 2024
Led by: 
Wayne Cochran

Starting Sunday, January 21st, we will be hosting a new adult equipping class entitled: The Gospel According to the Prophets.  The class will run for 10 weeks (through March 24th) and will be taught by Wayne Cochran in Room 302 during the 9am hour.  

The Messiah foretold in the OT was not merely the coming king, but the Son of God and Creator of heaven and earth.  The Prophets tell us that His death would provide true forgiveness of sins and usher in the New Covenant and fulfill and abrogate the Law of Moses.  The Christ would first come in humility and provide the sacrifice that would truly have the power to defeat sin and His second coming would usher in His glorious reign on earth.  We will examine key OT passages and follow the arguments of early church fathers to demonstrate that Jesus is The King of Kings, our Righteous Savior, and God Almighty.