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Rob & Nancy Congdon

African Mission Healthcare/East Africa

Dr. Rob and Nancy are medical missionaries who serve with African Mission Healthcare in East Africa. They provided much-needed health care in and around South Sudan for many years before moving to North Carolina in 2023. Their ministry included leadership, medical care, education, evangelism & discipleship, and village health initiatives. After many years of faithful service with SIM, they worked with Samaritan's Purse for a time and now serve with African Mission Healthcare in East Africa. 

Their time is now divided between grandparenting, serving in their local church in North Carolina, and serving with African Mission Healthcare in East Africa. They are working with the South Sudan healthcare effort, which they launched 17 years ago in Doro, and also endeavoring to train and provide Christian health workers with truly revolutionary hand-held ultrasound units.

Though not supported out of our regular budget, the Congdons have many ties to Glenwood through individuals and special projects. Glenwood GO teams traveled to Sudan to help in the reconstruction of a medical clinic in Doro.

Samaritan's Purse put together a video highlighting the work being done in South Sudan:


Ministry News

Posted: March 30, 2013

Dear Friends,

The amazing DEO Ethiopian missionary team flew home to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week, bringing to a conclusion this first chapter of joyful evangelistic outreach into the Doro Refugee Camp.  What a wonderful two months of the sort of ‘great and mighty things’ Jeremiah (33:3) spoke about! 

Posted: December 7, 2012

We received some very exciting news from Dr. Rob and Nancy Congdon in Doro, South Sudan.  Give both a read and be encouraged!

Exciting News from Doro, Part 1

Exciting News from Doro, Part 2

(We have received permission from Rob to post these publicly)...

Posted: December 7, 2012

originally received on 11/28/12 from Rob and Nancy Congdon

Dear Friends and Family,

Nancy is back in Kenya with the RVA boys, who are now out of school.  I haven’t had time to keep up with the daily blessings of our evangelist team, but yesterday I stopped over to talk...