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EFT Information

We are very excited to offer EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) as an option for those sponsoring students in Merger. And for good reason:

  • EFT is Straightforward – You set it up once (see easy-to-follow instructions below), and you’re good to go, no more hassle, check it off the list…for good! And your transactions will show up on the quarterly statements we send, just like in the past!
  • EFT is Simple – No middle man – so there is less chance for error – your bank transfers the funds to Glenwood’s bank.
  • EFT is Secure – Since this is a bank to bank transaction, you get Bank-level digital security (PCI Level 1 Compliant).
  • EFT is Stable – Automatic, consistent, steady, dependable – all good things! More accurate accounting info, more precise support for the students.

For all those interested in EFT, here are the instructions:

  • Pick up an authorization form in the church office or print it from the pdf below.
  • Fill out the form and attach a voided check.
  • Return the form (with voided check) to the church office (attn: Shelly Kirgiss)

THAT’S IT! Your withdrawal will begin on the date you specify. (please allow 2-3 business days for set-up and processing)


PDF iconEFT Form with FAQ's.pdf