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LIFE Groups

COVID-19 Ministry Update

In order to minimize the potential health impacts of COVID-19, Glenwood has suspended all church activites. Click here for the latest updates. In lieu of meeting together, we want to encourage you to look for ways to continue to stay connected to the Lord and to support one another. Below are a few ideas for how you might be able to do that as Life Groups. And if you aren't presently in a Life Group but would like to connect with others digitally during this time, let us know

Continue Learning Together

This time while we are apart is a great opportunity to learn more about God and grow in our understanding of His Word. Glenwood’s website hosts many recorded sermons, Adult Equipping classes, Bible Studies, and Bible and Theology Seminars. Another terrific free online resource that we’d encourage you to explore is You can find a complete list of the classes on their site here. During the suspension, take the opportunity to open your Bible and follow along with one of these great online classes. Consider reaching out to your Life Group and invite them to join you! Perhaps you could start a conversation about what you’re learning by phone or email, or you could plan a time to do a video call using a free service like Google Hangouts

Care for One Another

Our desire is to support one another well during this closure. If you have a need you would like our church staff to pray for, please let us know by contacting us. We count it a privilege to pray for you. And don't forget to be praying for those in your Life Group during this time! Watch out for each other, especially those who may need some extra help. Consider calling each other to check in. Invite others in your group to do practical things like grocery shopping and delivery for each other to minimize the number of trips to the store. 

Even in this time of uncertainty, we know that God is good and that He has called us to be faithful to Him. Thanks for all you do!

What is a LIFE Group?

LIFE Groups are local expressions of the new community Christ created. Believers and seekers gather together to look into God's Word, pray for each other, struggle together, love on each other, and exhort one another to follow Christ full heartedly. This is where the family of God acts like a family. We want each person who joins a group to discover firsthand the joy, responsibility, and growth occurring from intentional community.

The people in a LIFE Group are people just like you. Some groups are composed of couples, some a mixture of both singles and couples, and some a mixture of generations. Everyone involved in a LIFE Group is in the process of growing, learning, and serving. LIFE Groups meet at various homes and times throughout the week in order to accommodate a variety of schedules.

To find out more about LIFE Groups, see About LIFE Groups.Please see our List of LIFE Groups to figure out where you best fit in.

If you would like to talk with someone about LIFE groups, you can call the church office (360-571-3300) or click on the button below and someone will contact you.

Ministry News

Posted: March 28, 2020

Click the link below to join the lunch time web connect. Our new Director of Equipping, Ben Cunningham, will be joining us this week! We start at noon on Wednesdays.

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