About LIFE Groups

What is the mission of LIFE Groups? 

The mission of a LIFE Group is to become a transformative community.  This transformation occurs within groups as disciples interact with God’s Word and experience God’s care.  Transformation also occurs through groups as they serve in God's mission together.

What is the strategy of a LIFE Group?

Two of the four pillars of LIFE Groups are God's Word and God's people.  Both can supply a catalyst for growth in godliness.  God's people provide spiritually nourishing relationships, and God's Word directs our faith.  As we hang around others with a heart for God we gain a heart for God, too.  Furthermore, we are able to taste the loving care Christ has for us through the compassion of His people. 

How does it practically work?

LIFE groups meet weekly or every other week, depending on the group. Groups range from 8 to 16 people.  Groups are free to choose different biblical materials to structure the evening around, with some groups opting for the sermon discussion guides offered each Sunday. Most groups allot time for biblically centered discussion, sharing, and prayer. In addition, many LIFE groups enjoy casual times for potlucks, game nights, community service, and outdoor fun.  

How can I get involved in a LIFE Group?  If I fill out the form am I automatically locked into a group?  

You can get involved in a LIFE Group by filling out the "I'm Interested" form below.  From there, we will contact you with a recommended group.  If it aligns with your desires, we'll put you in contact with the LIFE Group leader and you can check out the group a few times without commitment.  For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact the church office at (360) 571-3300.  

How many LIFE Groups are there and where are they located?  

Currently, we have over 20 different LIFE Groups to choose from!  They are spread out around Clark County, most of which are within 15 minutes of the church campus.