Tuesday, March 28 -
9:15AM to 11:30AM
Room 305

Join us on Tuesday, January 31st at 9:15am as Precept begins Isaiah (Part 2).

Isaiah is the crown jewel of Old Testament prophets, a book that strikes awe in the heart of its reader, especially when its poetry is read in Hebrew. Prophecies from Isaiah are mentioned in twenty-two places in the New Testament. The words of Isaiah were often found on the lips of the Christ, the Messiah prophesied in Isaiah. If Jesus, God incarnate, honored this grand and glorious book so highly, then you and I ought to do the same.

In Isaiah Part 2 (Isaiah 40-66), the Lord told Isaiah to speak kind words to Israel. He wanted to comfort His people with His words. After their punishment for sins, there will be great restoration for them. This study will give you a taste of the world's future.

Online sign-ups are available here.  You can also sign up in the Foyer on January 8th.  Books will also be available for pick up at that time.  Cost:  $25 

Children's classes on Tuesday mornings for ages nursery through Kindergarten are currently full and will accept children as space becomes available. Children must be registered prior to the start of Bible Study.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Jensen at or 360-571-3300.