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Charles & Debbie Hunt


Charles and Debbie shifted gears later in their career and began working with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) some ten years ago. Charles and Debbie now work with the division of Cru called JESUS Film Mission Trips.  The mission of JESUS Film Mission Trips is to partner with national ministries by taking volunteers from the body of Christ on short-term trips to share the gospel in the least-reached parts of the world. The Hunts are based here in SW Washington, and we are glad they are a part of our body!

A video summarizing the Jesus Film Project ministry: Jesus Film Project

Here is a summary of what the Hunts do:

  • develop mission trip plans for evangelism and discipleship with national leaders around the world.   They utilize the Jesus Film products when doing the outreach work and are there to enhance the existing ministry in the country.   
  • recruit teams, from the body of Christ, from the U.S.A and Canada primarily for the mission trips and administer the application and support raising process for each team member.
  • provide training and leadership of the team during the mission trip to accomplish the state mission strategy.  
  • provide Jesus Film product training to overseas staff.  
  • assist the Jesus Film headquarter staff in Orlando with delivering film equipment for oversea ministries and training of the operational use of the equipment.    
  • provide trip reports and stories to headquarters about what God accomplished on the mission trips.

The Hunts and JESUS Film Mission Trips use the following ministry strategies:

  • Jesus Film Showings outdoors at night and indoors.
  • Connecting with University students using the Jesus Film Media app available on smart phones and tablets.  These devices have short films to start conversations with students to help us transition to the sharing the gospel.  
  • Distribution of the Jesus Films on DVDs.  
  • Teaching Conversational English to students
  • Discipleship Training
  • Theology Training

Ministry News

Posted: September 21, 2018

Dear Glenwood Community Church,

Debbie and I, for several months now, have been recruiting, planning, and preparing for our next mission trip. On October 5th I will be leading a team of 7 people from the body of Christ to the country of Sao Tome and Principe.  Sao Tome and Principe are...

Posted: May 12, 2018

On June 10th, Charles Hunt is leading a CRU team on a trip to Ghana for 2 weeks. The team of nine people will be traveling to Northern Ghana, Wulensi District. They will be ministering to the most unreached people group in Ghana, the Nanumbas. Their language is primarily Dagbani,...

Posted: March 25, 2016

On March 26th Charles and Debbie Hunt are leading a team on a trip to the Middle East for 2 weeks.  The team will be teaching conversational English to students using morals-based topics.  They will also show morals-based short films to the students.  The goal is to open doors for...